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Waterborne Polyurethanes

Water Based Polyurethanes: Projects


High quality two-component PU waterborne finish. 

Advantages: It achieves the highest level of wear according to Ö-Norm C 2354 and has a very high resistance against chemical and mechanical wear. The matt finish gives the wood a natural look. A valid test certificate for R9 and R10 (anti-slip) is available.

Level of wear A: Very highly frequented areas, such as restaurants, corridors, stores, cafeterias, staircases.

(Additional $10 sqm + GST when requested)



Duo Invisible Protect is the latest generation of water-based surface protection products for parquet. For particularly highly trafficked floors. Retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated wood. The almost invisible layer is also extremely scratch resistant, thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials. Outstanding chemical and wear resistance. Natural texture and feel are similar to untreated wooden floors.

Particularly easy to apply. 2-coat full system requiring no primer.

Increased anti-slip properties.

No polishing.

Excellent chemical resistance.

As easy to clean as varnished surfaces.

No enhancement or intensification of the light colour of the wood, the original colour is retained.

Range of use:

Suitable for parquet, wooden and cork floors.

For normally and particularly heavily trafficked floors.

Anti-slip in accordance with BGR 181 and achieves DIN 51130 rating R 9.

(Additional $10 sqm + GST when requested)



LOBA WS EasyFinish is a high quality waterborne varnish. Featuring the latest technology in high quality 1K waterborne sealants.


Very good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Excellent elasticity also suitable for cork.

Area of application: normal to heavy levels of load.

(Addition $5 sqm + GST when requested)



This optimised formula is versatile and worldwide proven.

It is a waterborne 1-Component finish and is ideal for wooden floors. Suitable for the normal to heavy traffic residential areas and also light commercial use. Excellent for renovation.

Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance

Very good resistance to black heel marks

Powerful resistance to plasticisers from parquet adhesives

Easy and safe application, no lap marks

Full “Connected Systems” approval

Low VOC content

Very low emissions, certified to EMICODE® EC1

Range of use:
Suitable for parquet and hardwood floors. For normal to heavy traffic residential areas and light commercial use. Excellent for renovation due to powerful resistance to plasticizers from parquet adhesives.

(Default product used)

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