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Original Timber Floors recommends whether your coated timber floor is a commercial, sporting or domestic floor that you set up a regular maintenance program. Routine maintenance not only extends the life of your coated timber floor but enhances it's appearance, sheen and slip resistance. The minimum requirement for keeping any polished floor in tip top condition involves the following:


DRYING TIME: After 24 hours the coating should be ready for light traffic, no shoes, socks only. An imprint mark will indicate a need to wait longer before walking on the floor. Wait until the coating has dried and ‘cured’ before you walk on it with street shoes and before you use any cleaning products. This usually takes about a week.


ENTRANCE MATTING: The biggest killer of coated timber floors is dirt and grit particles being walked on the floor, causing an abrasive sanding effect. This greatly increases the wear of the surface. First point of attack should be to have proper grit capturing mats at all entrances thus minimising the amount of damaging particles, grit and dirt being carried on to the floor. Avoid stiletto heels if possible as they have a damaging effect on timber and resilient flooring.


SWEEPING: Once inside fine dust and dirt will not only cause an abrasive action causing the floor to scratch and prematurely wear but can also cause a slip problem. A regular sweeping program needs to be established to remove damaging particles. We recommend that a commercially situated surface is swept as regularly as required to minimise dust/grit, with a minimum of daily sweeping with an anti static mop or a fringe mop.


PROTECTIVE PADS: Attach felt or recommended rubber Protector Pads to the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to protect the floor from being scratched and to reduce noise.


FURNITURE: Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before placing furniture. Great care should be taken when moving and placing furniture. Furniture should be lifted and placed not dragged or pushed.


SPILLS: It is important to wipe up spills immediately on coated flooring even if the spill is water. The longer the spill is left the more aggressive the cleaner needs to be, and this will not help the longevity of the floors appearance, wipe up all spills immediately.


CLEANING/ MOPPING:  DRY MOP ONLY!  The use of harsh detergents is not recommended nor should it be necessary if basic care is observed. LobaCare has a Floor Cleaner that caters for all timber flooring, laminate, and tile situations, but specifically formulated to gently and effectively clean all coated timber floors. This ph neutral, concentrated, biodegradable, pleasantly scented cleaner is designed for superior cleaning power and shine. It’s emulsifying action aids in the removal of grime, enhancing the floors natural beauty. Regular washing of sealed floors can enhance its appearance and keep it clean, shiny and safe. For heavier cleaning LobaCare Remover may be required.  


 APPLICATION OF POLISH: Loba ParkettCare is a tough, durable and mark resistant finish that is a great “freshen up” or protective layer, ideally suited to application on top of sealed timber floors. This non toxic water based polish aids in protecting sealed surfaces and enhances their appearance especially in heavily used areas. 


Note: Recoating your floor at required intervals (depending on traffic levels) is recommended to maximise the life of your timber floor. 

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