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Common Questions

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When can I walk on my floor?

Usually within 24hrs after final coat with SOCKS ONLY.

Then ideally 72hrs (3 days) for normal traffic and heavy furniture.


Lift & place, do not drag anything. Put felt protectors (See 'Shop -flooring accessories') under as many objects as you can. Ideally everything.

Can you fill the gaps between my floor boards?

Yes! This is known as flood filling.

However, it is not recommended by the flooring association nor required by government legislation due to the expansion and contraction of floor boards during the year. Summer (hot = contraction) & Winter (wet = expansion).

Though typically expect to loose less than 20% of the whole fill over time, around 10 years +

How do I clean my floor?

Many people recommend using just water and vinegar. If you care about your floors, don't add anything harsh to the water, such as bleach or ammonia. Using a dedicated wood floor solution

( See 'Shop - flooring accessories') or just a little soap in the water will ensure dirt is better lifted and bring back that beautiful timber gleam.

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